Jane Ann Craig is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, executives, and organizations achieve success beyond their goals, dreams, and visions.


I'm Jane Ann

An author, public speaker, and business advisor. I've experienced the remarkable journey of taking multiple healthcare and service-based companies from startup to acquisition. Not just as an observer; I've been the founder and CEO of the companies I started, also taking on the role of CEO within the multibillion-dollar organization that acquired my four companies.

My approach to sharing the wisdom of business principles and strategies is all about making it accessible. I'm here to guide you through the what, how, and why of understanding and implementing the right business strategies through easy-to-understand conversations and relatable stories. Let's embark on your journey together!

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Elevate your skills and knowledge through Jane Ann's online courses, designed to empower you with essential business strategies and insights.

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Experience personalized guidance and support as Jane Ann works closely with you to help you reach your full potential in your professional and personal journey.


Leverage Jane Ann's expertise to optimize your business strategies and decision-making, ensuring your organization's growth and success.


The Story

Unexpectedly, Jane Ann found herself a widow, single mom, and sole provider for her 2-year-old son. With the mission of being a present and engaged mom, she left her job of 16 years, created a stock offering, and raised the startup capital to launch her first business.

That one business grew to four companies which were ultimately acquired by Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina and Companion Life Insurance Company. Jane Ann continued to serve as President and CEO of each of the companies until stepping down in 2016 to found Jane Ann Craig International, a service and community dedicated to helping others achieve success beyond their own goals, dreams, and visions.

Live to Give

Having helped to launch hundreds of "unlikely" professional careers by providing opportunity, training, and mentoring, Jane Ann teaches that your ability to achieve success is seldom about a person's qualification or credentials but rather by identifying and pursuing a purpose with intention and strategy.

Her personal motto is "live to give" and her life's passion is to help others succeed so that they too can live to give with their time, influence, and resources.

A graduate of the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor's in Psychology, Jane Ann is happily remarried and lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Active in the community, she serves on multiple corporate and nonprofit boards, including Junior Achievement of Utah, and has been featured as one of Utah's Business 30 Women to Watch.


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