Jane Ann Craig is an author, public speaker, and business advisor who has successfully taken "from start up to acquisition" multiple health care and service based companies. She has been the founder/CEO within the companies she started and has served as CEO within the multibillion dollar organization that acquired her four companies. Through easy to understand conversations and stories, Jane Ann teaches the what, how, and importance to understanding and following the right business principles and strategies.

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The Audit Principle: 5 Powerful Steps to Align Your Life with the Laws of Success

What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to become? Jane Ann Craig was a widowed, single mom, who quit her job at the age of thirty-nine. Without the benefit of a business degree and minimal financial resources, she started a company from scratch and sold it to a multibillion-dollar company for millions of dollars. The AUDIT Principle is a universal law, true in every situation. By understanding the power of the AUDIT Principle and applying its five transformational steps, there is absolutely no area in a person’s life or business where success cannot be achieved.

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