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Make Magic and Millions from Nothing

How do you grow, compete, and become successful? How do you achieve your goals, dreams, and visions?

In this free guide, you will learn 4 key strategies and the steps to navigate and achieve your goals and dreams from start to finish.


Why Sailing?

When you sail, you can’t just aim in the direction you want to go. You are not able to simply turn right or left to get to your destination. The reason? You are subject to the laws of sailing. You must adjust your sail to align with the direction of the wind.

There are irrefutable laws that when applied will not only perpetuate your own personal success but also help you live a life of purpose and intentionality. Sailing is a simple yet beautiful illustration and metaphor for understanding how to align our lives with laws that lead to success.



I'm Jane Ann

An author, public speaker, and business advisor. I've experienced the remarkable journey of taking multiple healthcare and service-based companies from startup to acquisition. Not just as an observer; I've been the founder and CEO of the companies I started, also taking on the role of CEO within the multibillion-dollar organization that acquired my four companies.

My approach to sharing the wisdom of business principles and strategies is all about making it accessible. I'm here to guide you through the what, how, and why of understanding and implementing the right business strategies through easy-to-understand conversations and relatable stories. Let's embark on your journey together!

"Finally, a businessperson/ leader/ speaker who refuses to blame others. Instead, Ms. Craig takes and learns from every mistake, misstep, fall down and fall out, and uses them all to build herself, her companies, and others, stronger and more powerful than ever."
- Jmol
"Jane Ann has provided me with a guiding hand in many business opportunities and has helped me reach personal and financial success I never knew could be within my grasp. Personally, she has been a warm, thoughtful and deeply insightful mentor and coach."
- Brad K.
"Over the years I have paid good money to mentors and coaches to help me progress, so I feel I know a thing or two about what a mentor should be. She has the amazing ability to lead you to an “ah-ah” discovery or answer, but still allowing you to find it on your own."
- Jeremy S.

Unlock Your Potential

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The Audit Principle

5 Powerful Steps to Align Your Life with the Laws of Success

Jane Ann Craig was a widowed, single mom, who quit her job at the age of thirty-nine. Without the benefit of a business degree and minimal financial resources, she started a company from scratch and sold it to a multibillion-dollar company for millions of dollars.

The AUDIT Principle is a universal law, true in every situation. By understanding the power of the AUDIT Principle and applying its five transformational steps, there is absolutely no area in a person’s life or business where success cannot be achieved.


Where Would You Like To Start?

Jane Ann offers high-performance executive development and shepherding, focusing on skill and leadership mastery. Including strategic networking to access industry opportunities and ongoing discussions on the entrepreneurial mindset. With monthly in-person meetings and phone calls, she provides comprehensive support, while also fostering a strong sense of community and service among her clients.

Online Courses

Elevate your skills and knowledge through Jane Ann's online courses, designed to empower you with essential business strategies and insights.

1 on 1 Coaching

Experience personalized guidance and support as Jane Ann works closely with you to help you reach your full potential in your professional and personal journey.


Leverage Jane Ann's expertise to optimize your business strategies and decision-making, ensuring your organization's growth and success.


Hire Jane Ann to Speak

Choose Jane Ann Craig to elevate your event and leave a lasting impact. With a distinguished track record of leadership and speaking engagements for many of our nation's largest insurance carriers, business, and civic groups, to universities churches, and inside prisons, Jane Ann brings a wealth of experience to the stage. Her strategic planning, expertise, and dynamic presence make her the ideal speaker to motivate your team and drive success.

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