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Learn to See Beyond the Surface

A while back my husband and I joined another couple on a charter boat in Mexico. We were lounging on the deck when suddenly the captain shouts to us that there was a whale shark next to the boat. Looking over the side, I immediately saw the shark. It was huge.

Oddly, my husband and friends couldn’t see the shark. It was alongside the boat yet they couldn’t see this magnificent creature. Then it dawned on me. I was wearing my Maui Jim sunglasses. I could see what the others could not.

Maui Jim’s have a special polarized lens that enables you to see beyond the ocean’s surface. For the others to see the whale shark, one by one each had to put on my sunglasses. They were unable to see beyond the surface until they changed their lenses.

Similarly, we all have all have opportunities and dreams within our reach but to see our dreams become a reality, we need to be looking through the right set of lenses.

While too many see life through the lenses of an average or scarcity mindset, those who pursue their dreams see life through the lenses of an abundance mindset. This is an important distinction because dreams are birthed out of an abundance mindset. It’s a mindset that gives you faith and optimism to “Go for it!”

We develop an abundance mindset by following three simple steps with discipline and consistency. The first step is, feed your mind with positive input. We do this by listening to motivational, inspirational and instructional CDs, Podcasts, YouTube videos, etc. and by spending time with positive and optimistic people.

The second step is, identify and eliminate negative input. Negative input can be negative messages through music or movies, news and commercials, unhealthy relationships even our own self talk.

The third step is, be quick to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

These are powerful exercises because what we listen to over time is what we begin to expect and ultimately get. Managing our input and thoughts is how we change lenses. It allows us to see through the lenses of an abundance mindset and ultimately achieve our dreams.

My life is a testimony to the power of these principles. Although I don’t have a business degree and struggled academically, I went on to build and sell insurance companies, highly regulated financial institutions. An unlikely career path knowing my personal limitations.

Seeing through the lenses of an abundance mindset gave me the belief that I could start and sell my companies. Applying the three steps, have been key in “seeing beyond the surface,” especially during the challenges and struggles.

When I first bought my Maui Jim Sunglasses, I consciously protected and guarded them. Being expensive, I had worked and sacrificed to get them. I meticulously followed the care instructions, always putting the glasses in their case and in a safe place.

Yet as time passed, I relaxed my attention and the lenses got scratched and slightly damaged. Although I continued to wear them, they were not as comfortable and the lenses no longer provided the same level of clarity.

The same principle holds true in protecting our mindset. If we are not vigilant in feeding and protecting what we allow into our minds, we begin to lose our optimism and clarity. If you are struggling with your confidence, optimism or joy, consider how you have been caring for your mindset.


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